“Under My Skin” at SPAACES

“Under My Skin” at SPAACES Sarasota

February 2 – March 16, 2024

“Under My Skin”

Wuxing theory, a natural and moral philosophy, states the universe is created, changed and in constant conflict. The five elements within this universe — fire, wood, water, earth, and metal — are the root of change, creation, and conflict.

This defines the nature and complexity of all matter. This work touches on these elements as it seeks to translate, disclose, disseminate and observe the current social construct.

Reingold is known for assembling drawing, sculpture, found objects, and video to fabricate compelling site-specific installations. These works are calculated to influence our perception of current issues, utilizing alternate environments that allude to the body, environment and poverty, all capsulated within a passage of time.

Specifically, “Skin Tree and Vessel” paintings are a comment on humanity, and the delicate balance of biodiversity within the natural world. Skin, is viewed as the exterior layer of humankind, a fragile boundary between the outside and its appearance, and what hides beneath this presence. The artist states “my investigation of these multiple layers is an investigation of “secrets”.

The multimedia work draws upon personal experience and is the impetus for investigation into the inextricable links of greed as it affects the environment and its aftermath, poverty. For more than twenty years, Reingold has used a variety of 3-D objects, along with rust and tea, to develop a unique method of bath-staining the surfaces of her work. The process of decaying these found materials and objects within the bath creates a new decadence of the matter, and hence, a new view, no matter how dismal.

Her work does not offer solutions. Rather, it points to concerns for the environment and the current sociopolitical construct that affects it, and which in turn, leaves us with an internal frustration and the bleak understanding that destroying the environment is destroying ourselves.



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