Work with the environment began with the destruction and ensuing poverty caused by Katrina, and two, Jared Diamond and his Easter Island lecture. These two examples of man’s greed and lack of will led me to believe in our world’s ultimate demise; self-absorption to self-destruction.

These events turned me from primarily painting to owning space via installations. The challenge still inspires the work. The two-plus years spent making the “The Last Tree” installation speaks to the manifestation of time, and in itself, rewards the effort.

Scarred and stitched textures, transformed from the silk organza I stain, metaphorically mimic surfaces, whether ours or in nature. Silk organza-clad objects are stuffed with human hair and became a signature for its intrinsic DNA and endearing symbolism, a symbiotic link to hair living beyond death.

A lasting question is one of purity. How do I flay the complexity of complex environmental issues without preaching? I hope the installations with their allusion to the collapse of societies communicate this intricacy.

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