“Fallout: Beauty Lost and Found”, “A Question of Beauty” and “Time Finite” examine the nature of beauty — or more appropriately, the loss of beauty and its resurrection using my hair loss.

Hair means many things to many people — a symbol for beauty and sexuality; a keepsake secreted into a locket or jewelry or pressed into a diary or Bible.

Conversely, hair is repulsive on a dinner plate or plugging the shower drain. These exhibits, however, focus on the beauty of hair and what that personally implies.

In 2005, I began precisely recording my daily hair loss. I collected it from the shower and brush. I manipulated it into a doodle, which was placed in a ziplock bag and dated.

The act that began as a documentation of the loss of beauty and sexuality, and all that it implies, became my way of recapturing beauty. It became a transformation, an ultimate resurrection of loss through the collection and transformation of my loss.

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