Creative Pinellas “Arts Annual 2023: Discovery”

Creative Pinellas “Arts Annual 2023: Discovery”

“Skin Tree and Vessel No.1” 2023, 60 x 60 x 4 inches
Modeling paste and oil paint on canvas, paper, rust and tea stain on paper and silk organza,
encaustic, graphite on modeling paste on panel, embroidery thread and string.

“Arts Annual 2023: Discovery” at Creative Pinellas Art Gallery, Largo, FL

November 9 – December 31, 2023

Skin Tree and Vessel

Definition: Wuxing theory is a natural and moral philosophy. The philosophy states that all things in the universe are created, changed, and in constant conflict. The five elements of fire, wood, water, earth, and metal are at the root of change, creation, and conflict

This explains the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances. My work touches on all the elements as I seek to translate, disclose, disseminate and observe the current social construct.

I have become known for bringing together drawing, sculpture, found objects, and video creating compelling site-specific installations that affect our perception of current issues. These alternate environments allude to the body, the environment, poverty and the passage of time.

The multimedia work draws upon her personal experiences and is the impetus for her investigation into the inextricable links of greed as it affects the environment and its major aftermath, poverty. For over twenty years Reingold has used a variety of 3-D objects along with rust and tea to develop a unique method of staining the surfaces of her paintings and sculptures. Her process and the use of decaying materials and objects in a stain bath to create a new object references decadence and the natural links and cycles of all matter.

Specifically, the “Skin Tree and Vessel” paintings comment on humanity, the delicate balance of biodiversity and the natural world. Reingold views skin as the exterior layer of humanity, a fragile boundary between what appears to the outside and what hides beneath. She defines these multiple layers upon and below the surface as an investigation of “secrets”.

Reingold’s work does not offer solutions. Rather, they point to concerns for the environment and the current sociopolitical construct, which in turn elicits an internal frustration and leaves us with the understanding that destroying the environment is destroying ourselves.


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